What to Expect

The first thing you will notice when you walk through our doors is the friendly manner in which you will be greeted. Our motto "Welcome Home" is more than just empty words. We recognize that your spiritual journey is personal and sometimes scary. For that reason we want to be a safe place for you to explore faith in Jesus Christ, the son of God.

Entering through the main doors, you will walk into a large lobby with a coat rack to your left, the auditorium straight ahead, and the bathrooms and nursery down the hall to the right. Walking into the auditorium you will be met by ushers with a bulletin and you may seat yourself. A typical service includes singing, scripture readings, and a message from the Bible that you can apply to your life. We pass an offering plate during the service to give our members an opportunity to give back some of that which God has blessed them. This serves a dual purpose in that it provides visitors an easy opportunity to provide contact information if they like or even submit a prayer request. A typical message lasts about 30 minutes before the service is brought to a close.

Communion is given once every month, typically on the first Sunday of the month. The bread and cup are passed separately to each person while they are seated. The entire congregation waits to be served and communion is taken as a congregation after a prayer is said. If you are unsure whether to participate in communion, it is OK to pass each plate to the person next to you without taking a serving for yourself.

Following the service a Connection Time with coffee, treats and visiting in the large room out the main doors of the auditorium. We sincerely welcome any visitors to stay and visit as this is when you will have the opportunity to meet others who call Olivet "home." At 11:00 a.m., Sunday school classes begin across the entire building with classes for all ages. These classes offer the opportunity to delve deep into what the Bible teaches about nearly every topic imaginable. There is a short break in Sunday school classes during the summer.




ROOTED in worship, GROWING in faith and community, and BEARING fruit of service.